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Full Repair and Testing Service

We provide sales and full repair, testing and reconditioning service for all aspects of oil and gas production.


Each piece of equipment is inspected, shot and/or bead blasted, primer/painted and reassembles with new repair kits and hardware. Then it is fully bench tested and guaranteed for function and operation.

Assembly of high pressure regulators and back pressure valves:

Such as compressor “suction control” and compressor “re-cycle” valves. Each valve has full two stage regulation, gauges, needle valve(s), stainless steel tubing and fittings, and free water “drip pot”.

Compressor Speed Control:

Speed control for compressors with flectuating suction pressures. We mount a CVS 4150 pressure control and full instrumentation in a welded stainless steel panel, optional throttle actuators are also available.

Repair and reset of Pressure Safety Relief Valves:

Custom set pressures, retagging and “shop test report” for your records. VR repair available on request.

Built to order High Pressure Sight Glass Column Assemblies:

You give us the connections size, pressure, and center to center dimension and we will have a ready to install column waiting for you.

Instrumentation Accessories:

Stainless steel tubing and fittings, and needle valves.